From Sobriety To Recovery: An Addiction Recovery Podcast

Your past loops and future goals and standards

August 9, 2022

Ep #175 - I feel like most humans favorite activity is reliving the past in their head, in a state of looping, looking for ways they could have done things differently. The judging, complaint, blaming, and making excuses, all aspects of not taking personal responsibility, are literally the embodiment of people living in the past.

We are accustomed to living in the past. To reliving long ago experiences, either as a loop to make up for something we perceive as wrong, or to remember good moments that we wish we could live all over again.

Living in the past is screwing in deeper the trauma, heartache, and disappointments that lead you to addiction. Moving toward your future will entail you to take the lesson from the past and leave the trauma and suffering back in the past with the memory.

As you journey through your healing you will want to set goals and these goals become your North Star. The standards you set for yourself are the actions you take each day to reach and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

If you are surrounded by people with less than standards then you are going to behave like them. It's inevitable. Humans tribe up and if your tribe is weak sauce then you will absorb that. To set the standards that will work you to your goals you want to be aware of the daily actions you take to reach your goals.

Ep #174 - Breaking bad habit and replacing them with goods ones is very circumstantial and absolutely your subjective perspective. Desirable habits lead you to desirable people, places, and things in your life - and only you can really know if these changes are leading you there.

When you enter into the action phase of the recovery cycle you are going to be wanting to get some quick wins in the bank. Momentum begets momentum. Movement in your desired direction creates the adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin releasing that fuels you for the next day.

The key to realize right out the gate is that you don't have to change everything about yourself in one day. In fact, too much change at once is a particular reason, or excuse if you will, that many people "fail" at their resolutions and promises of change to themselves.

When seeking those easy wins at the start look no further than your physical body and environment. Getting active, no mater the level, and being aware of your environment and how it is fueling you or stalling you are two keys to be highly aware of over the course of all your change work, let alone the first day, week, and month of quitting any addiction.

Just hit play and let's dive in with our open minds, hearts, and energies bringing everyone into the fold - you are in the right place, at the right time...right now.

It is time. It has been time. To live is to shine. Step into the SUN.

Stand up, step forward, raise your hand - it's your turn, I will call on you.


Thank you so much for listening and being a part of my tribe and this wonderfully supportive community. Here's to being a part of ending the stigma, No longer are we living in the shadows - Anonymous no more!!


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